Cookbook Club

Do you enjoy trying new recipes? Do you like tasting new things and discussing them with others? Then come to one of our Cookbook Club events!

What do you need to do? Check out a copy of the cookbook of the month (see list below) at our circulation desk and find your favorite recipe. Come to the program on that specific date with your prepared dish and come ready to discuss your experience and what others would expect if they made the same dish.

Paper plates and utensils will be provided, however please bring your own serving spoon and drink, if needed.

The Cookbook Club meets monthly on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 8 pm.

To sign up for one of our programs, please click on the date below. We hope to see you Monday nights starting in the fall!

Library Contacts:
Ann Marie Salerno 860.561.6962
Maura Beaudreault 860.561.6974