1-Hour Parking Validation

Currently, there is no self-validation at the library for parking at the Noah Webster Library (20 South Main Street). A Library Staff member in the library will assist with one-hour validation for those who are visiting by appointment - park in the nearby Isham Garage - bypass the pay kiosks and come directly to the library.

Note: The validation instructions below do not currently apply!

Isham Garage:
• Park in the Isham Garage (entrances on both Isham Road and New Street - near Whole Foods).
The Isham Garage is about 100 steps from the Noah Webster Library.
Remember your LICENSE PLATE Number. You may want to write it down, or take a photo.

Skip the Kiosk in the garage - instead walk to the Noah Webster Library (near Barnes & Noble and The Cheesecake Factory) - come on in!
• Enter your exact license plate number at parking VALIDATION STATIONS (tablets) located at library service desks (see below screenshot).
Plate numbers must be entered at the library within 15 MINUTES of leaving your car, or else your car might be ticketed.


MEETING & PROGRAM Validation: Currently Meeting Rooms are not open. If you will be attending a program in the big Meeting Room (lower level, near the Children's Room), please enter your license plate number at the Validation Station located on the wall inside the Meeting Room BEFORE the meeting/program begins. If you arrive early, and the Meeting Room is locked, please enter your parking information at any other Validation Station in the library (located near circulation and information desks). Then, RE-ENTER your license number in the Meeting Room as soon as the room opens up.

For more information about parking for longer visits to the library, please stop at the Information Desk on the main level.

Surface lot parking at Faxon Branch Library and Bishops Corner Branch Library is unchanged; no parking validation is needed.

Shortcut to this page: http://bit.ly/libparking