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Google Applied Digital Skills logo - smallGoogle Applied Digital Skills is a free resource to learn practical digital skills using a project-based video curriculum. Go to applieddigitalskills.withgoogle.com, sign in with a free Google account, and join a class by entering the class codes listed below OR take individual lessons from any class by clicking on the links below. If you have questions about this resource, email Andrew Piro, West Hartford Public Library Reference Librarian, at apiro@westhartfordct.gov.

College Readiness Learn skills to plan for college and other educational opportunities.  · Organize College Applications in Google Sheets
 · Draft an Application Essay
 · Search for Colleges Online
 · Prepare for a College Interview
 · Prepare for the FAFSA
 · Ask Someone to Be a Reference
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Learn About Google Tools Learn about free Google programs like Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. G Suite Certification:
     · Drive
     · Gmail
     · Hangouts
     · Docs - Part 1, Part 2
     · Sheets - Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3
     · Slides - Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3
     · Annotate Text in Google Docs
     · Organize Files in Drive
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Personal Projects Increase your productivity and do creative tasks.  · Organize an Address Book
 · Plan Seasonal Activities in Google Sheets
 · Make a Family Newsletter
 · Get Organized in Google Photos
 · Track Due Dates and Tasks in Gmail
 · Introduction to Google Hangouts
 · Create a Budget in Google Sheets
 · Use Google Drive to Organize Files & Folders
 · Organize Your Time with a Digital Agenda
 · Create a Guessing Game
 · Make a Promotional Flyer
 · Schedule Project Tasks in Google Sheets
 · Create Quizzes in Google Forms
 · Create a Scrapbook
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Job and Business Preparedness Explore career paths and develop job and business skills.  · Write a Cover Letter for Your First Job
 · Introduce Yourself to Potential Employers
 · Ask Someone to Be a Reference
 · Create a Resume in Google Docs
 · Build Your Professional Network
 · Research Career Paths
 · Search for a Part-Time or Summer Job
 · Build Your Professional Brand
 · Prepare for Your First Day of Work
 · Communicate Effectively at Work
 · Plan Effective Meetings
 · Use Google Drive to Organize Files & Folders
 · Manage Project Communication
 · Connect & Collaborate From Anywhere w/Digital Tools
 · Prepare For Your Business Plan
 · Write a Business Plan
 · Estimate Financing for Your Business Plan
 · Build Your Online Business
 · Create Your Business Profile on Google
*Join a class to keep track of your progress.