Song for West Hartford

A Song For West Hartford

Thanks for all the songs! The results are in!

1st Place: Kamran Batchelder for “My Little Town”
2nd Place: Sam Moffett for “West Hartford in My Rearview”
3rd Place: Christopher Rauch for “The Place to Be”

2020 CONTEST – $500.00 GRAND PRIZE!
The challenge was to write and perform an original “Song for West Hartford.” Entries were judged on how well the song evokes the town of West Hartford, Connecticut, a spectacular, award-winning town. Our judges were music teachers from West Hartford Public Schools. article on the Song for West Hartford Contest

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The top songwriter received a Grand Prize of $500, made possible with a grant from the Thomas F. Kilfoil Bequest, West Hartford Public Library Foundation. To donate to the Foundation, click the PayPal button or see other ways to give HERE.