Summer Reading Challenge for Adults

relax \ ri · laks
v. : to seek rest or relaxation

Relax this summer, and enjoy our
Summer Reading Challenge for adults
(June 14 through August 31)

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For each book you read that fulfills one of the summer reading categories, you will earn a chance to win bi-weekly and grand prizes. Reminder: fulfill each category just once, and do not use the same book for more than one category.

Read a Book…

  • about a place you would like to visit
  • that is a coming of age/growing up story
  • that is an ebook or eaudiobook
  • that is fantasy fiction
  • from your to-be-read pile
  • that is historical fiction
  • that makes you cry
  • that makes you laugh
  • with a blue cover
  • with a protagonist over 60 years old
  • that is a mystery or thriller
  • published in the year you were born
  • that is non-fiction
  • featuring quirky characters
  • recommended by library staff
  • recommended by a friend or family member
  • that relaxes you
  • that is a retelling of folklore or mythology
  • that takes place in the future
  • about science or nature
  • that scares you
  • set in the state you were born
  • that is spy fiction or non-fiction
  • that you chose because of the cover
  • with a beach on the cover
  • that is a fictional retelling of a real person or historical event
  • about an adventure
  • that is a love story
  • written by or about a musician
  • of short stories or essays


Earn extra chances to win by participating in these activities, and then tell us what you did by submitting this form.

  • Post a photo of yourself with a book you enjoyed on your social media and tag us, or send the photo to so that we can post it on our social media
  • Attend a library program
  • Use a library resource to learn something new
  • Visit a library exhibit in the Noah Webster Gallery
  • Try a recipe from a library cookbook

The Summer Reading Challenge is made possible by the Thomas F. Kilfoil Memorial Bequest, West Hartford Library Foundation.