Faxon Feasibility Study

Upcoming Activities

  • Thursday, August 4th from 6:00pm – 7:30pm: Family Pool Night at Beachland Pool
  • August 11: Advisory Committee Meeting
  • August 17: Town Council Sub-Committee Meeting
  • September 8: Programming Session Update
  • September 22: Advisory Committee Meeting
  • October 27: Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Fall Community Conversations (dates coming soon)
Tecton Architects at Celebrate West Hartford explaining to everyone the potential updates.

The Town of West Hartford and Tecton Architects are conducting a functional program and feasibility study for a new Elmwood Community Center and Library to be located at 100 Mayflower Street adjacent to Beachland Park. The study includes a comprehensive evaluation of the existing facilities, a programmatic space needs assessment, and a preliminary budget, all guided by the Town’s values, sustainability goals and community feedback. The study encompasses the programs currently offered at the Elmwood Community Center and the Elmwood Senior Center, in addition to other West Hartford community programs, such as the Faxon Library.

Next Steps:
Existing Conditions Assessment: Analysis of the existing building and site at 100 Mayflower Street. This assessment will encompass facility condition as it relates to construction and materials, code compliance, building systems, program test-fit, and probable costs. This assessment will guide the decision to renovate or build new.

Identification of Priorities: The Advisory Committee is currently concluding their lists of “Must Haves” and “Nice to Haves” which will further inform the program.

We asked the community what they would like to see in a community center.

Development of Conceptual Plans: As the program begins to take shape, the next step will be the translation of those elements into spatial language. Through the creation of bubble diagrams and conceptual floor plans, the study team will test-fit how each of these pieces in the puzzle comes together as a whole. We will evaluate each placement based on identified adjacencies and proximities, and explore how and where this program is sited at 100 Mayflower.

Continued Iterations: Subsequent working group and Advisory Committee meetings will be centered around the translation of these program elements into conceptual drawings, to ensure they fully represent the programmatic, sustainable, and economic objectives in Town.

Download flyer HERE with all the details. PDF format for best viewing.