Meeting Rooms



Before requesting a room, it is important to read the library’s entire policy for General Use of Library Meeting Rooms (pdf). Only West Hartford-based non-profit organizations may apply; rooms are not for use by individuals unless associated with a West Hartford non-profit organization.

Room Availability Calendar – Library meeting rooms are intended for library purposes. The primary use of meeting rooms is to provide appropriate space for programs and functions that are organized or presented by the West Hartford Public Library.

As a community service, library meeting rooms may at times be used by non-profit, West Hartford-based organizations, at the sole discretion and timing of the library. All meetings will be open to the general public. Profit-making groups will not be permitted to use the library meeting rooms. Individuals who are not affiliated with local non-profit group cannot use the library meeting rooms.  Due to administrative tasks, at least seven days notice is required to reserve any library meeting room, though more notice is always preferred.

Programs involving the sale, advertising or promotion of commercial products or services, or programs sponsored by business or recruiting firms are prohibited, even if they are free and open to the public. Groups offering free informational lectures, with the prospect of some paid involvement at a later date, will not be accepted. No exchange of currency, or distribution of business cards, is allowed.

Any group not based in West Hartford requesting use of a meeting room must show a specific connection to the town through its stated mission or service area and provide a local contact with a West Hartford Public Library card who will be responsible for the booking and use of the room–and who will be in attendance to oversee the meeting, and to clean up afterward.

Below are the two meeting rooms at the Noah Webster (Main) Library, 20 S. Main St.

Library Meeting Room

Library Meeting Room
Lower Level near Children’s Room
Noah Webster Library 
Capacity: Seats 40 max.
Tables are available; hanging screen.
The library does not provide a projector.

Library Meeting Room

Board Room,
Mezzanine Level
Noah Webster Library
Capacity: Seats 12 max. Tables Available.
No food or drink, except water.



To check room availability online, please have ready:

  • Your West Hartford Public Library card number
  • Your organizations’s 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exemption number. If a 501(c)(3) number is not available, then a full membership list (with addresses and phone numbers) must be sent to the library at 20 S. Main Street. By-laws may also be requested. This information will be used to determine non-profit status, and to verify that West Hartford residency requirements are met.

Next, see the Room Availability Calendar to hold your room. If you are having trouble, there is an answering machine for leaving questions about the meeting rooms. Please leave your message at 860-561-6979 and we will return your call weekdays. Note: Meeting reservations do not appear on the library’s public calendar online. Meeting rooms are available at the discretion of the library, with preference given to library programs and library meetings, and with regard to staff availability to oversee the rooms.


Wait for notification. Usually within three business days you will receive email notification stating whether your application was approved. If you do not receive this notification, or if you do not have an email account, please call the library after three business days to verify that your room use application has been processed: 860-561-6979.


Library meeting rooms are to be used “as is,” meaning that the library is not responsible for setting up, rearranging, or taking down furniture for groups using the rooms. Each group should allow enough time to set up and take down all furniture! The library does not provide equipment, such as projectors, microphones, CD players, coffee pots, easels, markers, pads, etc.