West Hartford Mayor’s Youth Council

Green Your Yard, Clear the Air! Video Contest

The Environmental Video Contest Subcommittee is now accepting entries in our “Green Your Yard, Clear the Air!” Video Contest.

Create a short video (3 minutes or less) that shows how you can make your West Hartford yard quiet, clean and environmentally-friendly!

This opportunity is offered to encourage youth to think about the future of the planet and how they can make a difference locally.

Gift card prizes generously provided by the Mayor’s Youth Council, the West Hartford Libraries, and HeatSmart CT. Special thanks to Christine Feely for proposing this project and helping us to design and launch the video contest.


  • The contest is open to grades 6-12, but videos may also include other children and adults (ex. family members, friends).
  • Contestants must be West Hartford residents or students.


  • The Green Your Yard, Clear the Air video contest will be announced in January, videos will be due on April 22 at 11:59pm, and winners will be named at the Mayor’s Youth Council meeting on May 16, 2023.


  • Send us an original 1-3 minute video highlighting what teens can do to help the planet, starting in their own yards.
  • Focus on the problems of gas-powered lawn equipment and benefits of alternatives to combustion-powered equipment.
  • Videos can be created from many different angles: informative, funny, sarcastic, etc., but here are some tips:
    • Show, don’t tell – grab our attention with animation, actor’s actions, or special effects.
    • Be thought-provoking, not preachy – give viewers an “aha” moment so that they realize that your point is important/something they care about and that they can do something about it.
    • Make it personal – if you or someone you know has respiratory problems that are aggravated by pollution, make a video about that and possible solutions. If the noise of gas-powered leaf blowers and lawnmowers disrupts you, make a video about that.
    • Base your video on fact / researchlook at these or other articles to get ideas of points for your video. Don’t forget to cite any sources that you use.
  • Videos should include at least 1 West Hartford spot or location (in order to highlight that cleaner air is a local issue that affects us all).
  • Submissions will be based on the following criteria:
Is the video creative and original?1-3 minutes
Takes place in West Hartford
Focuses on problems of combustion-powered lawn equipment and provides alternatives
Based on research
Submitted by a student in grades 6-12
Is the video informative and factual?Does the video persuade viewers to change, modify, or think about behavior?Does the point of the video come across clearly?
Green Your Yard, Clear the Air Video Contest Rubric


  • Upload your video submission to this Google form by April 22.
  • Email myc@westhartfordCT.gov if you have any questions about your submission.
  • Good luck!

Who We Are: MYC is a council of 18 student members in grades 9-12 who represent different public, private, and home schools in West Hartford. We meet twice a month (1 council meeting, one work session) from September – May to help plan and facilitate community impact projects that improve the quality of life of West Hartford youth. We also work with local departments and organizations to help with town-wide initiatives as they arise.

Purpose: More than ever, teens are interested in politics, community service, and social activism. MYC is an opportunity for teens to share issues that are important to them, learn about civic engagement, and have their voices heard by West Hartford government officials.

MYC Meeting Dates

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 6-7:30pm Town Hall Room 217
Tuesday, March 7, 2023 6-7:30pm Town Hall Room 217
Tuesday, April 4, 2023 6-7:30pm Town Hall Room 217
Tuesday, May 16, 2023 6-7:30pm Town Hall Room 217

View past meeting minutes here.

2022-2023 Mayor’s Youth Council Members

  • Zaara Shahzad – 12th Hall – Chair
  • Kris Rimal – 11th Conard – Co-Chair
  • Sarah Granquist – 10th Hall – Secretary
  • Daphne Brewer – 10th Conard – Social Media Chair
  • Ailani Roach – 11th Conard – Outreach / Recruitment Chair
  • Reese Berigan – 12th Conard
  • Tess Chapman – 12th Kingswood Oxford
  • Kushal Gauli – 9th Conard
  • Jack Gold – 12th Kingswood Oxford
  • Tziyona Goldfischer – 12th New England Jewish Academy
  • Oliver Hartmann – 10th Hall
  • Kikoh Mordukai – 11th Hall
  • Moh Palanki – 10th Kingswood Oxford
  • Evan Piccioli – 11th Conard
  • Jeffry Rosborg – 12th Conard
  • Priya Shinde – 11th Hall
  • Priya Sinha – 11th Hall
  • Caitlin Striff-Cave – 12th Hall
  • Kari Karp – Teen Services Librarian & Board Liaison, kkarp@WestHartfordCT.gov

2022-2023 Subcommittees / Impact Projects / Community Partners

  • Environmental Video Contest (with HeatSmart West Hartford)
  • The Butterfly Project (with Voices of Hope and the Holocaust Education and Resource and Outreach Organization)
  • The Kindness Project (with West Hartford Libraries, the West Hartford Food Pantry)
  • Walking Tour (with Dr. Tracey Wilson)
  • West Hartford Immigrant Teens (with Golden Door Hartford)

Holocaust Remembrance Day January 2023

Kindness Project December 2022
Mental Health Action & Awareness Committee “Teen Mental Health” Podcast May 2022

Listen to the conversation here:

Celebrate Diversity Concert May 2022

Witness Stones Project Petitions March 2022


Elmwood Community Center Advisory Committee https://www.westhartfordlibrary.org/the-library/feasibility-study/
Human Rights Commission Declaration of Human Rights Video Recording 12/3/21 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB9g4MRjWx8
“Taking the Lead” West Hartford Life Article 12/21
Vigil for Democracy We-Ha.com Article 1/22 https://bit.ly/MYCVigilforDemocracy
Dinah Road Street Renaming Project with The Witness Stones Project https://witnessstonesproject.org/witness-stones-project-students-petitioning-to-rename-street-in-blue-back-square/

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