Suggest Program Ideas

West Hartford Libraries offers a variety of programs for the enrichment of the community. Programs are developed a few months in advance of the program date. The library has a modest budget for programs. The library’s Program Committee develops library programs in the following categories:

 Library-Produced Programs are developed and/or presented by the library staff (ex. children’s storytimes, book discussions, classic films, author talks, etc.).

• Library-Partnered Programs are educationally-based, non-profit programs selected by the library’s Programming Committee. The library will provide meeting room space to presenters at no charge and will list affiliated programs on its monthly online calendar. Presenters will sign a contract with the library indicating program requirements and responsibilities.

• Library-Sponsored Groups are library-developed and ongoing. They operate with a degree of independence, but are overseen by the library, are subject to all library policy and procedures. Each group has an official library liaison and is evaluated yearly. The groups include: West Hartford Fiction Writers, Connecticut Screenwriters, Faxon Poets, Talk It Up! English Conversation, Shakespeare Book Club, the Night Owls book discussion group, The New Yorker discussion group.

Program ideas must be submitted in writing via email at: (or use the form below) so they can be reviewed by multiple members of the library’s program committee which meets monthly. No phone inquires will be considered.

Provide as much detail as possible, including why you believe the suggested program will be successful, and how you will help promote the program. A member of the library’s Program Committee will contact you if your program idea has been accepted

Alternatively, you could mail your program idea to the library at:

West Hartford Public Library
ATTN: Programming Committee
20 South Main Street
West Hartford, CT 06107

Book authors should also send a complimentary copy of their book to the above address before they can be considered for a reading/signing at the library. Thank you for your interest.