Welcome Center

People at the Library

The library’s Welcome Center is a special collection of materials for people who speak (or want to speak) languages other than English. It features books, audiobooks, newspapers, and magazines in a variety of world languages, perfect for people who want to read in their native language and people who are looking to master something new. The largest portion of this collection is housed at the Noah Webster Library, but there are Welcome Center resources at all three of our locations.

World Languages

The Welcome Center houses collections in many different languages and formats, including Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and many more. 

Language Learning Resources

In the Welcome Center, you can find resources to learn English in our Basic Skills collection (see below), as well as resources in a variety of formats to learn dozens of other World Languages. Traveling and want to prepare to speak with the “locals”?  Hosting an exchange student?  Brushing up on what you learned in High School?  Learning to speak with your neighbors in their native language?  The Welcome Center is your resource for beginning and advanced language learning.

Basic Skills

One of the highlights of the Welcome Center is the Basic Skills collection, where we house our TOEFL study guides, Citizenship information, and resources for learning English in a variety of formats, including English language learning books, CDs, and DVDs. 

You can borrow any of these items from the Welcome Center with a West Hartford Public Library Card.