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You are part of West Hartford’s story! Help us put it on the map!

West Hartford Public Library invites you to share your old photographs and slides of West Hartford homes, public buildings, parks, schools, streets, and events as part of a collaborative online visual history of our town. We started a collection called West Hartford Places and Faces on Historypin, an online history and map site.

We will even scan your old photos for you! Bring your photos, 35mm slides, or negatives showing West Hartford homes, parks, streets, businesses, town buildings, or local events such as parades, football games, concerts, graduations, or big storms such as Storm Alfred and the hurricanes of 1938 or 1955. Volunteers will scan and “pin” the images, along with your brief descriptions. Pictures are returned after scanning. Anyone wishing for a copy of the digital image may ask to receive it via email.

Click HERE to start looking at the hundreds of photos already scanned into West Hartford Places and Faces.