Strategic Plan 2024-2028

This strategic plan will serve as the library’s roadmap for the next four years. Developed with guidance from the Library Board and staff, and with thoughtful input from Town leaders and community members, the initiatives below will serve as the library’s areas of focus for innovation and improvement.

Our Mission

Welcoming all, the West Hartford Public Library brings people, information, resources, and ideas together to enrich lives and strengthen our diverse community.

Our Vision

The West Hartford Public Library will be a center for reading, learning, creating, and celebrating culture; where everyone will have the opportunity to pursue their interests, connect with the community, and access ideas and information freely.

Goal: Expand public service hours

Goal: Develop programming on the use of e-materials

Goal: Improve patron experience when using library technology

Goal: Expand library services in languages other than English

Goal: Improve communication about existing resources

Goal: Expand library presence within the community beyond library spaces

Goal: Develop and expand collaborations/partnerships with area organizations

Goal: Expand outreach efforts to draw in new patrons

Goal: Focus recruitment on staff that reflect the diversity of the community we serve

Goal: Create and improve staff structures to cultivate a unified, cohesive staff and provide opportunities for professional growth

Goal: Provide resources and support for staff training and development

Goal: Build capacity in our staff to adjust to unexpected circumstances

Goal: Develop collections that better reflect the community and their interests and needs

Goal: Expand in-person and virtual programming that responds to the access needs and preferences of our users

Goal: Increase world language collections and services

Goal: Develop programs that bring together different age levels and segments of the community

Goal: Create spaces that are welcoming, functional, and centered around the user experience

Goal: Improve building accessibility for everyone

Goal: Provide flexible spaces for individuals and small groups

Goal: Improve comfort of library seating and spaces

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We Want to Hear from You!

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The strategic planning initiative was made possible by the West Hartford Library Foundation.